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Company Services

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Individual solutions


Accounting support

  • Comprehensive financial and tax accounting
  • Checking and restoring accounting records
  • Preparation and submission of accounting and tax reports
  • Maintaining accounting areas
  • Function of a chief accountant

Human resources services

  • Maintaining staff records
  • Staff audit
  • Restoring staff records
  • Military accounting
  • Setting up accounting from scratch

Payroll calculation

  • Calculation of all required employee benefits, taxes and deductions
  • Preparation of bank documents
  • Drawing up regulatory and customer standard reporting
  • Advice in the field of payroll calculation


  • Employee search and recruitment.
  • Employment in accordance with the law.
  • Accrual and payment of payroll.
  • Drawing up benefits, travel and sick pay, leave planning.


  • Development of a strategy and search for candidates.
  • Selecting candidates who best meet the company's requirements.
  • Providing information on the candidates recommended for interview, including curriculum vitae and qualifications.

Legal support

  • Advice on legislation
  • Development of contracts and transaction support.
  • Development of local regulations.
  • Organisation of claims work.
  • Preparation and registration of amendments to documents.
  • Conducting work on recovery of receivables.

Opening representative offices and branches

  • Advice on choice of business form.
  • Business tax planning.
  • Comprehensive legal support
  • Staff recruitment and outplacement.
  • Financial and tax administration.
  • Staff administration.